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We all make mistakes, especially regarding our credit and money management. Below you will find some ideas on how to rectify past financial sins you may or may not have made.  It’s never too late.

Nobody’s flawless – especially when it comes to money management. There’s a pretty good chance that by now, you have control of your current finances, however, most of us have made some serious mistakes when we were younger. We have never had an owners manual on how to manage money, so chances are you have made some serious mistakes while you were younger or perhaps in college. Those previous mistakes can and will come back to haunt you today in many ways. Nationwide Credit Clearing recommends that you face your money issues head-on as well as make up for those wrong doings before being able to move on in the future..


When confronted with past financial faults, it’s easy to turn your head and hope that they disappear. But when you must pay back your money or fall behind on loans, creditors are still looking to get a way to get paid. This will definitely affect your ability, long term, to gain new credit and have financial freedom moving forward. Nationwide Credit Clearing recommends that you collect all of your records & go through them thoroughly, to allow yourself to see the bigger picture of which mistakes you have made and which ones can actually be corrected..


As soon as you know where your situation stands as of now, it’s a great time to also  create a plan to remove incorrect information from your credit report, as well as pay back past creditors. This is not going to be easy, but if it is important to you, we recommend that you make the time.   Consider your plan as you would a project given to you at work.  Focus on the plan, then look forward to the outcome.


We don’t recommend that you use your savings to pay off old debt.   Actually, starting with small debts – old credit cards for example – will allow  you get rid of some of your smaller mistakes as well as help give you a sense of achievement. Start with the ones you can manage and control. This way, you’ll have leg room and information when it comes to time to repair your credit.


Once you make progress on some of your little money issues, it will then be important to take the correct measures.   The first thing you can and should do is get an accurate and up to date credit report.  Nationwide Credit Clearing offers a service that provides anyone with an absolutely free, no credit card required credit report and consultation.  Once we evaluate your current financial situation, we can then move forward and help you with a plan.  

In conclusion, Now that you know more about how to rectify past financial sins, there’s no time like the present to get your free credit report and score.

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