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Secure a Solid Loan by Improving your Credit


Everyone knows that personal credit scores are crucial when it comes to obtaining a loan for a car, house, or anything that is a large purchase; however a business credit score is just as vital for small business loans. Understanding the ins and outs of building or regaining good credit may seem complicated, and here at Nationwide Credit Clearing, we want to help by providing you with these simple tips  to be familiar with.


The optimal proportion of utilization is 30% which means, if you have a $10K limit on your charge card, try to keep the exact balance below $3K. In a nutshell, you want to have a lot more credit available than you actually need. The more connected you allow yourself to reach your max amount, the higher risk you look like.


10% of one’s credit score will be based upon the mix of credit you ACTUALLY use as well as how effectively you manage them all, so be sure to have multiple cards open as well as spread utilization equally amongst them. Do NOT cancel your cards in an effort to improve your credit score. Your cards need to be kept open with a low utilization rate.


Every time you submit an application, your credit score is checked. The greater number of applications you submit, the more reduced your credit score is going to b, unless you do all of your applying within a short period of time. Still, if all inquiries are set up within about 30 days or less, the reporting agencies will consider multiple inquiries as just one inquiry regarding a single purchase, so you want to keep your credit application window of this time as short as you possibly can.


Everyone is entitled to a free copy of their credit report from each one of the top 3 reporting agencies one time per year, meaning you can request a copy from a different agency every four months.


The more positive history you have of paid off debts, the better you look to prospective lenders, so make sure you keep those gold stars on your credit history as long as possible.


Your credit report doesn’t just cover credit cards & loan payments but it also includes every other payment you have made or are currently making. That unpaid $30 copay or electric bill will hurt you just nearly as much as a balance of $1k that hasn’t been paid on a loan or card (if it goes beyond 60 days that is).

Nationwide Credit Clearing recommends you check your report often and ensure you don’t possess unknown outlying debt..

If your credit score is not as solid as you would like it to be, start implementing these pointers and you will see your score begin to go up. Keep in mind, the right loans can in fact help develop your credit, and we can help get you there. Even though you may seem to have a hiccup and overlook a payment, do not let it discourage you. Pay the bill, and then keep moving forward; that dimple won’t be there for long.

If you still feel uncertain about how to even begin with these steps, Nationwide Credit is here to help guide you.  We offer a free credit report and consultation.  If it’s been a while since you have checked your credit score, please give us a call.

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