Our Process

What we do!

We professionally assess your individual credit situation by procuring some basic information that allows us to obtain a copy of your current credit report via “soft inquiry” so that it doesn’t affect your credit score(s). Our staff of consummate professionals will review the information we see and determine the best method of credit clearing to utilize on your case. Our vast number of years of experience in working on your deletions allows us to understand each step to take for the most advantageous results. Once you become our client, we begin the disputing process immediately. Your benefit is that we handle the “entire” credit dispute process professionally and in an expedient manner for all three (3) bureaus.

How it works!

Nationwide Credit Clearing is well known and professionally recognized in the numerous lending industries. Our best referrals are realtors, mortgage lenders, automobile sales representatives and YOU! We are considered one of the top credit counseling companies in the United States. We have clients in most states and offer our services anywhere in the Continental United States to you our valued client. Our reputation working with each of the three (3) credit bureaus, Transunion, Equifax and Experian goes back as far as 1985, our inception.

After assessing your individual credit situation, we legally challenge each and every negative, derogatory and incorrect item appearing on your credit report(s). We assist you in the process which takes a period of time. No one can determine how long it is necessary to work on your case. Each individual is different from the negative being challenged to the time it took place to the amount, date of occurrence and manner in which it was reported to the bureaus. Our objective is to help you procure the best credit report available to those you choose to share it with. Nationwide Credit Clearing “does not” provide credit scores, we provide valuable “credit clearing”!

You will have access 24/7 to all of the work we are performing on your behalf. We will send you a “welcome” letter upon inception, provide you emails on what we are challenging on your behalf and continue to provide you with updates every 35-40 days. We ask that you call our office during these periods and request from anyone that answers the phone an update on your file. This is part of our process with you!

What it costs!

We believe that we have the best service available to the public today! Over the past twenty six (26) years, we have tested, corrected, challenged, fine tuned and experimented to fully understand what the public needs in a reputable organization. Our company president is known for his numerous TV appearances on credit clearing and his ability to share his experiences with you!

Our charges are inexpensive, realistic and affordable! We charge $249.00 to begin our process of setting up your file, making determinations and challenging your negatives. Thirty (30) days later we charge an additional $249.00 to continue the intensive process of helping you succeed in your credit clearing process. Should we need to continue our efforts on your behalf, we drop pricing to $49.95 per month as a maintenance charge. We ask you to sign a month to month agreement for our services. You can stop our process at anytime you desire by requesting a discontinuance of services. Please remember, we are not asking you to sign a contract, but an agreement for us to work together as a team! Our agreement outlines what our obligations are to you and what we expect you to provide to us. The TransUnion and Equifax credit reports come directly to our office. The Experian comes to your residence. We ask that you forward the original to our office to keep your Internet records up to date.