Credit Card Fraud


Credit card fraud can be a critical matter. For victims, it can be a frightening experience. Nobody wants to live their life on edge, but it always seems that credit card theft could happen at some really unexpected times. Although there is no guarantee that anybody is free from becoming a VICTIM OF IDENTITY THEFT, there are certain things that can be done to decrease your chances of you falling victim to credit fraud.

  1. Check ATMs and gas pumps for loose parts or suspicious keypads. If you discover something suspicious, you need to inform the service station or bank, and transact your business at a different store or location.
  2. Check your credit card statements for strange charges. CHECKING YOUR CREDIT REPORT on a regular basis can allow you to react much better to fraud or identity theft.
  3. Be careful when opening the Internet in public. Unlike home or office WiFi networks, there’s a large # of WiFi spots that don’t encrypt the info being transmitted through them. Your email, credit cards, and even bank account, information could be fair game for a cyberpunk with the proper skills. Never share private information with a stranger on social media sites and then try to limit the private information you share with your friends.
  4. Don’t carry information in your wallet or purse that you don’t need. Birth certificates, Social Security cards, PIN numbers and passwords can be easily stolen. Identity thieves could be gone before you become aware of any missing information.
  5. Shred documents with personal information before you throw them away. Identity theft crimes are usually thought of as being high-tech in general. There are still identity thieves who do not mind foraging through a dumpster for valuable information.

Think You May Be a Victim of Fraud?

IF YOU SUSPECT you are a victim of identity theft, you might consider adding a 90-day fraud alert to your credit report. A fraud alert warns lenders that you may be a victim so they can take additional steps to verify your identity before approving a loan application. Immediately inform creditors when you suspect or have proof of fraud. Take time to document every contact. Be sure you thoroughly comprehend the process of reporting fraud & what’s expected of yourself as well as the creditor.

Preventing credit card fraud takes a conscious effort. Protecting your credit card information begins with you.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of identity theft or credit card fraud, Nationwide Credit Clearing can help.

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