How Can A Bad Credit Score Affect You?

Bad Credit

When you make a purchase using your credit card, you are typically not thinking about the affect it will have on your future. You probably aren’t thinking of the purchase as a test of your personal integrity or reliability. You are more than likely thinking about that new television you are purchasing or how your new watch will look on your wrist. In contrast, your creditors don’t care how your new watch will look or how much joy your new television will bring you. They want to recover the money they lent you, with interest. Lenders do not like borrowers with elevated credit risk (the risk that you will not repay the money you owe). To determine your credit risk, lenders will rely on your credit score.

Your credit score is based on the information that is provided in your credit report. It will include data on past loans, foreclosures, credit utilization, bankruptcies, credit applications, and more. Credit scores follow a scale ranging from 300 (most risky) to 850 (least risky). Lenders will often times segment the score ranges into classifications such as A, B, and C.

Your credit score will affect more than just your personal finances. Credit scores influence many aspects of your personal and public life, even including situations that do not involve borrowing money. The following are situations that can be affected by a bad credit score:

  • Getting approved for a loan will be difficult
  • Higher rates and restrictive terms on loans that you are approved for
  • Trouble renting an apartment
  • Trouble getting a job
  • Difficulty getting a mobile phone contract
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Potential strain on your personal relationships with friends and family

Bad Credit

Here at Nationwide Credit Clearing we will professionally assess your credit situation by procuring basic information that will allow us to obtain a copy of your current credit report. We will do this by a “soft inquiry” so that it will not affect your credit score. Our team of professionals will determine the best method of credit clearing to utilize on your case. Learn more about how we can help you!

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