5 Ways To Be A Victim Of Credit Card Fraud


Credit card fraud takes place in a variety of ways. It can occur from someone dumpster diving to high-tech hacking. Perhaps a dishonest clerk or waiter takes a photo of your credit card and uses your account to buy items. The fact is fraud can happen to even the most tech-savvy consumers. Check out these 5 common ways consumers fall victim to credit card fraud.

Not Shredding Your Bank Statements: Do you still receive paper bank statements? With online banking many consumers don’t even bother to look at the statements that come in the mail. However, if you are still receiving statements in the mail there is action that needs to be taken. If you are disposing the statements, make sure the are shredded and illegible. If you are keeping the bank statements store them at home in safe place.

Not Checking For Skimmers: Thieves may attach skimming devices to the exterior of an ATM or POS system that requires a PIN. Before using a POS system check to make sure there is no unusual device added to the machine. Glue, scuff marks, or loose materials around the machine, are signs the machine has been tampered with.

Online Banking Using Public Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is becoming readily available at restaurants, coffee shops, airports, etc. across the country. How safe are these public networks? When using public Wi-Fi, it is best to not check the balance of your credit card. It is easier for hackers to intercept online transactions and passwords when you are using an open wireless network.

Responding To Phishing Messages: Have you ever received a text message from your “bank”, asking you to log into your online banking account?  Be skeptical of these messages, especially if they request personal information such as your login or account number. Your financial institution has this information and won’t ask you for it. When you receive a message you are unsure of, contact your bank immediately before you respond.

Not Checking Your Account: How will you know if there are questionable charges on your credit card if you never check your account? Open your bills and statements promptly. If you see a questionable charge, report it!

If you or a loved one has been a victim of credit card fraud, contact Nationwide Credit Clearing to learn how we can help you. Call today (773) 862-7700.

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