Repair My Credit

How can I repair my credit?Repair My Credit


Is a bad credit rating effecting your family’s financial stability?

Are you worried that you’ll be denied a loan, apartment rental, or a mortgage because of a low credit rating?

Don’t let your credit history hold you back. Come visit Nationwide Credit Clearing and see how we can get you on track!

You can trust our expert staff to fight on your behalf and get your credit score as high as possible.

Fast and Easy Credit Repair Service

So how does Nationwide Credit Clearing’s restoration process work?

Contact us and we’ll start by thoroughly inspecting your credit history. We’ll find any outdated, unverifiable, or inaccurate data. Then we’ll work with the major credit reporting agencies to get these items removed from your record.

We offer four different levels of service, depending on your needs:

  • Bronze Level: ideal for simple and straight-forward cases
  • Silver Level: offers additional inquiry disputes
  • Gold Level: more detailed analysis of your personal information
  • Platinum Level: offers a full debt validation service and a written verification from a debt collector

All of our services are reasonably priced and competitive within the debt clearance market. Visit our website or give us a call today for your free consultation.

Repair My Credit with Nationwide Credit Clearing

Repair My Credit

Our Chicago based office has been serving thousands of customers throughout the country. We have more than 26 years of experience and have deleted over 25,000 debt items in the last year alone.

Check out this real review from a customer that we’ve helped recently:

“Shortly after signing up with them, my credit score went up. They removed 20 items from my credit report. I got approved for a car loan, department store credits and increased credit line with my credit card. Also, the staff are great and friendly.”

– Heidi Suhail (Google review)

Contact us today to get started on clearing your credit. Our phone number is 773-862-7700, or visit our website.