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Nationwide Credit Clearing has been providing credit help to Chicago for over 26 credit help - nationwide credit clearingyears and are considered one of the top credit counseling companies in the United States.  Our reputation working with the three credit bureaus, Transunion, Equifax and Experian goes back as far as we started in 1985.

You will have access 24/7 to all of the work we are preforming on your behalf via the X5 credit repair program.  You will receive a welcome letter upon inception, provide emails on what we are challenging on your behalf.  You will receive updates every 35-40 days.

We have successfully provided credit help to thousands of individuals and couples across the U.S.!

You can view your status at anytime by logging into our Credit Protect system for the current status of all items being challenged on each credit bureau. We monitor your credit and notify you via email of any changes made to your credit report.  We provide credit help on a month to month basis and ask you to sign a monthly agreement for services. We never provide our customers with a contract!  We help and guide you through the process and make recommendations as well as answer your questions. It is exceptionally important that you contact our office every 35-40 days and request an update on your credit file!

What we do!

We assess your individual credit situation by procuring some basic information that allows us to obtain a copy of your current credit report via a “soft inquiry” so that is doesn’t affect your credit score.  Our staff reviews the information and determines the best method of credit clearing to use on your case.  Our experience in working on deletions allows us to understand each step to take for the most advantageous results. Once you become our client, we begin the process of providing credit help immediately.