Lombard Credit Repair

Your credit score is delicate

Repairing it is not easy and going it alone can be overwhelming! Let Nationwide Credit hearing help you through the process. Most people think reaching out for help, in order to restore their credit, is financially unforeseeable. We want to let you know, that is just not the case. We have 4 programs to choose from, that will fit any budget. Our process is simple and you have no long term contracts!

lombard credit reapir

Lombard Credit Repair has never been easier!

We assess your credit situation and perform a soft inquiry. This way, it is not going to affect your credit score. Our staff will review the information at hand and determine which process will fit your budget, but also get your credit cleared.

With our years of experience we know what steps to take for the best results.

Once you become our client, we begin disputing any negative information on your credit report. Your benefit is we handle the entire dispute process professionally and in an expedient manner. Lombard Credit Repair has never been closer.

How does it work?

Nationwide Credit Clearing is well known in the industry for being professional and effective in credit repair. Our best referrals are, mortgage lenders, car sales representatives realtors and YOU! You do not become top in your field by failing deliver the results only we can promise! We have been working with the 3 credit bureaus since 1985.

After determining what program works best for you we get to work disputing anything negative on your credit report.   Anything inaccurate or outdated normally can be addressed quickly.  Some items may take longer.

lombard credit repair

You can log into our system any time day or night to see what we are working on for you.  We provide updates every 30-45 days but you are able to look at the process at any time.

We are here for you, to help you get your credit back on track!

Call Nation Wide Credit Clearing today!