Credit Score

“Can you help me raise my credit score?”

For the past 20 years, this is the one question we’ve been answering, and our response is always big fat YES!

Yes we can and yes we will fix your credit score!

Who are we? We are Nationwide Credit Clearing. For over two decades we have helped individuals and couples resolve credit repair issues. We fight for you. We haggle the credit bureaus and advocate for our customers.

credit score

Look us up online. Visit our Google page and see over 100 positive reviews from customers across the nation. We pride ourselves in speed, accuracy and care for each client we serve.

Our committed and loyal team is standing by, ready to help you get you the score you need.

How Do Our Programs Work?

We have a variety of programs to get your credit history cleaned up. Our online platform gives you 24/7 access to review what we are doing.

The process takes time, but we are committed to you. We look line by line into every inquiry on your report. We dispute every line of inaccuracy from credit bureaus and from inquirers. We monitor changes and alert you if there is anything you need to review.

Whatever your budget is, we start you with a FREE consultation. After a comprehensive review, we create your game plan.

Getting Started

“When you improve your credit score, you improve your life”

Getting started with us is super easy. We work with customers from all across the United States. Our professional assessment team reviews your report and educates on the process.

If you are ready to improve your credit score, please give us a call 773-862-7700 or fill out the form here. We look forward to help you reach new heights and obtain your dreams!