Credit Restoration

Nationwide Credit Clearing, the credit restoration service you can trust.

For over three decades, our Chicago-based company has helped people across the nation restore their credit. A good credit score is about more than peace of mind.

Credit RestorationIt’s about opportunities. With a high enough score, you can finance a car or house, get a bank loan when you need one, and much more!

Check out this recent testimonial from one of our many satisfied clients:

I have been working with Todd Stern at Nationwide Credit for about 9 months. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with Todd’s professionalism and his ability to get things done. My credit score went up well into the 700′s due to Todd’s amazing work. He did everything he needed to do and went above and beyond the call.”

Sounds complicated? Credit restoration is as easy as picking up the phone!

Credit RestorationAre you worried that credit restoration will be too expensive or complicated? Don’t be! We have streamlined our process.

We offer the best value and fastest results, no matter what your circumstances are.

Curious about our process?

It starts with a phone call or visit to our website. We’ll get some basic information from you. After that, we’ll take over.

  • We perform a soft inquiry on your credit and comb through it, looking for mistakes, discrepancies, and old information.
  • We’ll keep you informed every step along the way.
  • Within a few short weeks, you’ll wake up to a brand new credit picture.

Don’t delay, call Nationwide Credit Clearing today!

It’s time to take control of your credit score.

Don’t just accept whatever the banks tell you.

Your score may be littered with unfair or incorrect information that keeps your score lower than it should be. Let a professional credit repair company tell you what your score is truly like.

Credit restoration through Nationwide Credit Clearing is an easy, straightforward, and fast process.

All you need to do to get started is call us at 773-862-7700 or visit our website.