Credit Report Repair

Credit Report Repair

A bad credit rating can stand between you and a good quality of life in many different ways.

Credit Report Repair It’s difficult, if not impossible, to be approved for a home or vehicle loan if your credit score is under a certain number. Credit scores also impact rental decisions in many cases.

Even if you are approved, you’ll be stuck paying a higher interest rate than those with cleaner credit.

Fortunately, having bad credit doesn’t have to sentence you to a life of driving broken down vehicles and living in less than desirable housing.

At Nationwide Credit Clearing, we can help you get back on the road to good credit and the good things in life that come with it.

How Our Credit Report Repair Works

The first thing one of our credit report specialists does is take a thorough look at your existing credit report. You’d be surprised how much erroneous information is on the average person’s credit report.

Credit Report Repair We then challenge all questionable content on your credit report and have it removed. For many people, just this action alone results in an immediate improvement to their credit score.

Unlike other services, we handle the credit dispute process from start to finish.

Nationwide Credit Clearing closely monitors your credit report to make certain that all incoming information is accurate and that no suspicious activity is taking place. We also offer each customer one free year of identity theft prevention services.

Get Your Credit Report Repair Started Today

For a free consultation and copy of your current credit report, please contact our office at your convenience by calling 773.862.7700.

We’ll be happy to speak with you about the credit repair process and how we can customize it to meet your individual situation. We also offer several levels of credit repair programs to suit a variety of customer preferences.

Credit Report Repair