Credit Repair

Are You Wondering What Credit Repair is?

Nationwide Credit Clearing has over 26 years of experience

Helping the Chicago area with all of your credit repairs.

Powered by the X5 credit repair program, all of our clients have access to their accounts 24/7. Take a look any time to see what we are doing on your behalf. We have been working with all three credit bureaus for many years and have a long history with them.

We keep you updated every 35-40 days just so you know we are working as hard as you are to improve your credit score.

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Successfully we have helped thousands of people in the Chicago area with repairing their credit score. You can log in any time to check your status and we email you with any changes made to your credit report.

Don’t Let a Low Credit Score Affect Your Finances!

A few of the ways we can help repair your credit score is by disputing inaccurate, negative and outdated information from your credit score. This will ultimately help on your path to a new car, vacation or home of your dreams.

What We Do

We make a “soft inquiry” so it doesn’t affect your credit score so we know where you stand. We review all of the information gathered and decide what the best method of credit clearing would be for your particular case.

This is where our years of experience comes in! We are able to make educated decisions that will provided the most advantageous results. Once you become our client we begin working immediately for the best credit score possible!

Nationwide Credit Clearing has a good reputation and is well known in the lending industries. We get referrals from mortgage lenders, realtors, auto sales reps and YOU!

We are considered one of the top credit counseling companies in the United States. We not only help people in the Chicago, we have clients all over the Continental United States.

Don’t wait any longer for your affordable Credit Repair!