Credit Repair Professionals

Looking for Credit Repair Professionals?

Our track record for being one of the best credit restoration companies continues to grow and  our customers continue to give us rave reviews.  We have been working with all three (3) credit bureaus, Transunion, Experian and Equifax since 1985.
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It’s important to feel comfortable in who you choose to be your credit repair company, that’s why you can see our process, how it works and what you can expect from us as your credit repair professionals.

We have a few different affordable pricing plans you can see here.  We also have the best service available to the public today!  Give us a call for your free consultation and let us prove we are the best over all the other credit repair professionals out there.

You will have access 24/7 to all of the work we are performing on your behalf.  We will send you a “Welcome” letter and provide you emails on what we are challenging on your x5 credit repair professionals repair systembehalf.

We are so confident in our ability, we encourage you to check in with us to make sure we are handling everything in a timely manner.

Our team of credit repair professionals can help clean up your credit and get you back to good credit health.  Through our process and our X5 system, you will be able to see what we do and monitor everything 24/7.

We’ve been repairing credit since 1985 and have been featured on Fox in the morning and Host a popular TV Show “Credit Talk”.

Our credit repair professionals have been serving Chicago and have the experience, knowledge and systems in place to help clean up your credit so you can feel confident about your credit score.