Credit Repair Chicago

Looking for the best Credit Repair Chicago?

Nationwide Credit Clearing has over 26 years experience helping Chicago with credit repair. We are considered one of the top credit counseling companies in the United States.

Our reputation working with each of the three (3) credit bureaus, Transunion, Equifax and Experian goes back as far as 1985, our inception.

X5 credit repair chicago logoPowered by the X5 credit repair program, you will have access 24/7 to all of the work we are performing on your behalf. We will send you a “welcome” letter upon inception, provide you emails on what we are challenging on your behalf and continue to provide you with updates every 35-40 days.

We have successfully helped thousands of individuals and couples with credit restoration Chicago!

We monitor your credit and let you know via email of any changes made to your credit report(s). You can view your status at anytime by logging in to our CreditProtect system for the current status on all negative and derogatory items being challenged on each credit bureau.

Our Credit Repair Chicago Team

Our professional staff has years of helping with credit repair Chicago.  We work hard to ensure your satisfaction and the testimonials we receive from bankers, automobile finance managers, mortgage brokers and our current and past customer’s speaks for itself.

What is the cost of credit repair Chicago?

Our charges are relatively minimal in relation to the work we provide and perform for our client’s.

We ask that you sign a month to month agreement for our services. Each month stands on it’s own and we NEVER provide our customer’s with a contract. We will continue to guide you and make recommendations as well as answer your questions through the process. It is exceptionally important that you call our office every 35-40 days and request an update on your credit file.