Cicero Credit Repair

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Cicero Credit Repair

Have you been denied a loan based on your credit report?  Do you feel it’s hopeless to ever get a decent score?  There is help out there, don’t give up!  Nationwide Credit Clearing offers many programs to fit every budget. We help you work on your credit report and dispute unfavorable information. Many times the information is outdated or inaccurate. Handling all of that will help improve your credit score and ultimately get you to your goals.

Educating yourself and knowing what is on your credit report is vital. Knowing the meaning of some terms will eliminate confusion when reviewing your credit report. Here are a few common ones that one should know and understand.

Bankruptcies: This stops a foreclosure process until the bankruptcy is completed. The court can allow the lender to resume the foreclosure. Nationwide Credit Clearing is able to challenge a bankruptcy on your credit report one year subsequent to it being discharged. Call our office for more details.

Foreclosure: This is the process a lender takes when a loan has been defaulted on. The goal for the lender is to recover the amount owed on the defaulted loan. The lender files a Notice of Default when the debtor defaults on mortgage payments.

Repossession: The process the lender takes to regain property. This is a result of nonpayment from the debtor. Prime example of this would be the repossession of cars, bus, taxi, limousine or truck.

Charge-Offs: This is when a debt is deemed to be unrecoverable by the creditor. This does not “forgive” the debt. The money is still owed by the debtor. The creditor will normally turn this over to a collection agency or attorney.

Those are a few terms used by lenders or collection agencies. Nationwide Credit Clearing has many years of experience repairing credit. Contact us today and let us help you reach your goals! Cicero Credit Repair can be achieved today!