Affordable Credit Repair

Affordable Credit Repair

Nationwide Credit Clearing provides affordable credit repair!

Don’t wait, better credit is just a click away!

Have you been trying to get a new car or buy a new home and your bad credit is preventing you from getting ahead? We can help!

We know at times bad credit can seem overwhelming and you may think there is no way out.  Don’t give up, it could be easier than you think!

Nationwide Credit helps you address all items on your credit report by offering affordable credit repair.

We address inaccurate and outdated items that negatively affect your credit. Getting those removed from your credit alone can improve your score and get you that dream house or car.  We offer several different affordable credit repair options.

Knowing how credit scores work is important.

Credit reports provide information to an individual, normally a company from whom they are attempting to barrow. This information tells the financial history of the person attempting to barrow money. This information comes from the three National Consumer Reporting organizations, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Every year you are able to receive a free credit report to keep you on top of your credit score.

There are six areas of credit these companies focus on to give a total credit history.

  • Personal Information: This includes name, address, Social Security Number, phone number and your current employer with hire date and position.
  • Adverse Accounts: These accounts can lead to creditors to view you as a credit risk. This includes current balances, account limits, bankruptcies, liens, foreclosures, late payments and judgements.
  • Account Information: this is simply convenient legend for the icons used through account summaries.
  • Regular Accounts: This shows any companies that have made inquiries against your credit file within the last two years.
  • Satisfactory Accounts: This section lists all accounts with a positive FICO score. These are the items that increases your potential for credit approval.
  • Inquiry Analysis: Lists all the names and address of any company who has requested your credit report. This also shows the date of the request. Although they may not have necessarily received your report, they had submitted a request.

All of this information is gathered and from that, a determination made as to your credit history. Knowing how to increase your credit score and maintain good financial health is important. We can help you with every step and get you on the right path!

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