Credit Score Repair

Wondering What Credit Score Repair is?

Nationwide Credit Clearing has over 26 years experience helping Chicago with credit score repair.  We have a long history of working with all three of the credit bureaus, Transunion, Experian and Equifax.

Powered by the X5 credit repair program you will have access 24/7 to everything we are credit score repair with X5 system from nationwide Credit Clearingdoing on your behalf. Once you become a member you will receive a “Welcome” letter, emails on what we are challenging on your behalf.  We will keep you updated every 35-40 days just so you know we are working hard to improve your credit with updates every 35-40 days.

We have successfully helped thousands of people in the Chicago area repair their credit score. We notify you via email of any changes made to your credit report(s).  Check your status at anytime by logging into your account using the Creditprotect system.

Stop Letting a Low Credit Score Affect Your Finances!

We dispute inaccurate, outdated and negative information from your credit report.  Doing this will help to improve your credit score and ultimately fulfill your dreams of a new home, car of vacation of your dreams!

Our Process

We access your individual credit situation by gathering some basic information that allows us to obtain a copy of your current credit report via a “soft inquiry” so it doesn’t affect your score(s). We will review all of the information gathered and determine the best method of credit clearing to use in your case. Years of experience allows us make educated decisions that will provide the most advantageous results. Once you become our client we begin working immediately on your behalf for the best credit score repair possible!

How it works

Nationwide Credit Clearing is a well known and professionally recognized in the lending industries.  We get referrals from mortgage lenders, auto sales representatives, realtors and YOU! We are considered one of the top credit counseling companies in the United States.  We offer credit score repair anywhere in the Continental United States and have clients in most states.