Credit Repair Illinois

Are you ready for the next milestone in your life?

A new car? A mortgage on your dream house? Don’t let a spotty credit history hold you back. We know that there a lot of reasons that your credit rating may not be where you want it.

Luckily, Nationwide Credit Clearing is here to help.

Nationwide Credit Clearing is the premier credit repair service in Illinois. We’ve helped thousands of people clean up their credit rating. Are you an on-the-go single or head of a growing family?

Nationwide Credit Clearing handles all cases no matter how big or small.

Credit Repair Illinois: Clean Up Your Credit and Build a New Financial Future

Credit Repair Illinois

Live in Illinois? Need Credit Repair? Call Nationwide Credit Clearing!

Getting your credit cleared with Nationwide is simple. We start by getting some basic information from you. Next, we’ll do a soft inquiry on your credit report. Once we have copies of your three credit bureau reports, we’ll look for anything that can be used to improve your rating.

These include:

  • out of date information
  • inaccuracies
  • debts that can be consolidated
  • improper debts that may be disputed

Nationwide Credit Clearing: a Credit Repair Illinois Specialist

Here’s a real-life testimonial from just one of our many satisfied customers:

Been a client of this service for about 13 months and I cannot recommend them more vigorously than I am now. They Work!!! I have seen over a 100 point improvement in my credit score. They are cleaning up things that aren’t mine, things that should have been removed after my divorce all negative marks they are working on removing and I am 100% happy with their work. If you need this service it is worth every penny.”

– Paul W.

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